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We offer aesthetic iOS and Android mobile solutions to today’s app-savvy generation. Depending on your needs, we can bring any idea into reality using modern technologies. The tech stack for native mobile application development that we are most comfortable with is a combination of Swift, Objective-C, Java, JavaScript, Parse Open Source, Cocoa Touch, Firebase, Laravel and CodeIgniter. With all these expertise, we help you make the right decisions. What technology to choose? What frameworks do you need? No matter what your level of technical capability is, our expert team compliments you and helps you by developing advanced distributed mobility solutions seamlessly integrated with corporate databases, applications and systems.

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Mobile App Development Case Studies

Gyru App

As looking for the perfect and experienced instructor can be troublesome, Gyru, an app based driving instructor finding process, can help the potential drivers to get to their destination.

Aladin’s Chirag

With the best-diversified combination of food, grocery, fashion, freshly grown backyard product shops, Aladin’s Chirag is the ultimate hub for your shopping without a bag. Now, even being in Sydney, feel the essence of your home at the doorstep.


Credntia is the world’s leading personal identity management system that enables you to define and show who you are wherever you are. Make your life digitized and rock!

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