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The Cheers App: Making Lifeless Text Messages Come To Life

An iOS based Sticker Application

The Cheers App is a spectacular sticker app that allows iPhone and iPad users to send hypnotic stickers via their iMessage and WhatsApp. This fun app is jam-packed with cute stickers that let you say “Cheers!” in a lot of different ways.

The Cheers App - Special Features

  • Compatible with iMessage and WhatsApp keyboards
  • Includes tons of stickers of Cheers expressions and moods
  • Super easy to install and import stickers
  • Stickers can be placed anywhere in the message
  • Stickers can be added on top of images

With The Cheers App, Greet Your Friends Using Blissful Stickers and Messages

A Lucrative Collection of Stickers

This awesome app allows you to say Cheers to your buddies in various unique ways. Use jaw-dropping stickers to say Cheers, Prost, Salud, Skal, Kippis and many more. 

With The Cheers App, you can always stay ready to send the funniest exclusive stickers according to your changing mood. 

Works in iMessage and WhatsApp

Are your built-in stickers too limiting? Cheers introduce you to delightful stickers that work on both WhatsApp and iMessage keyboards.

You can add breathtaking stickers anywhere in your text message or shoot them straight away. Cheers also let you send photos in iMessage and WhatsApp by customizing them with Cheers stickers. Just use these stickers to layer your images to make them more adorable.

Easy to Activate and Have Fun!

Anyone can install Cheers and add to their keyword using a few simple steps.

  1. Open your iMessage App
  2. Select “More” icon to the right
  3. Now select “Edit” at the top left
  4. You’ll see Cheers icon there
  5. Click it to activate the Cheers app!

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