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Poshora: Your One-stop Service Platform!

A Perfect Multiplatform One-stop Service Delivery Solution

Office to home, home to office – a perfect picture of urban life, where people catch their breath to manage their surroundings. So, let’s talk about a long day of office work and social interaction after that. Let alone the household maintenance, what about your personal care? Sounds like too impossible to manage everything by just one mind, two hands and a day of 24 hours? We feel you, so does Poshora, the biggest service platform in Bangladesh!

From plumbing to electric repairing, Hair care to vehicle rental- now get each and every service that you need in your daily life at one place.

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Pro-edge Associates Limited is a preeminent management and HR consulting firm, working across a range of sectors. They work with recognizing the pressing and complex people challenges of today’s ever evolving work place and acknowledge the significance of link between a skilled human resources and economic growth factor of any company or organization.

Poshora: Your Ultimate Service Platform

Poshora is the biggest service platform in Bangladesh which consists of both App and Website based service solutions to the customers. Currently, Poshora is offering 100+ services, including- Commercial Shifting Services, Cleaning Services, Plumbing Check-up Service, Hard Drive Repair Service, Motherboard Repair Service, Power Supply Unit Repair Service, CD/DVD Rom Repair Service, Desktop Software Install Service, Laptop Hardware Service, Laptop Software Install Service, Electrical Line Checkup Services, Electrical Product Installation & Services, AC Basic Repair Service, Engine Repair Services, Engine Check-up and Maintenance Services, AC Master Repair Service, Waterdrop Solution Services, AC Dismantle and Repair Services, Driver Solution Service, Pick-Up Services, Truck Rental Service, Hair Care and Spa Services, Facial care and Spa Services, Angels Boutiques, Disinfecting Home Service, Refrigerator Repair Service, Washing Machine Repair and Servicing, Event management Services, Lock & Key Repair Services, Ambulance Service, Masonry Services, Nursing Services, Translator Service, Blinds and Shutter Repair Service etc.

Why Poshora – A Digital Service Platform?

Time is the ultimate challenge in our daily life. Even if you have enough time to find your required service manually, how would you ensure the highest skilled person for that? Poshora helps you just here! While using this service platform, customers will be able to-

One-stop Service

Going south to get a service, going north to find another? Poshora provides you all the services at one place. Kind of relief, isn't it?

Save Time

While looking for people who provide exact service that customers need can be time consuming, with the help of Poshora all the process can be done online. In this way, saving time will be much easier.

Ensure Skilled Service

As each and every service provider is registered in Poshora on the basis of their skill and resources, a perfectly skilled service will be easier to provide.

Hire Prompt Help

Anytime, anywhere, customers will avail their required service instantly by Poshora. With the multiple options and a huge resource pool, this platform will ensure right service at the right time.

Use Hassle-free Service

Travelling, bargaining and looking for the required service is a matter of hassle, while checking all the readymade information over online doesn't seem much of a problem. Customers will be able to get all the information of the service provider right by sitting in their home and reducing problems.

Ensure Safety

Trusting an unknown service provider can be tough. To ensure the highest safety of the customers, Poshora ensures all the detailed information of its every service provider. So, customers will be totally safe with the platform.

Secured Transaction

Poshora provides the easiest transaction gateway and security. So, you will be able to check your transaction and its process right from the App/website!

How to Avail Services from Poshora?

Are you a new customer? Interested in using available service to make your life easier? You can easily enjoy every kinds of services from the best service provider around you by-

Using Poshora Website

Here you have to ‘Sign In’ with all the necessary information and pick any help from the ‘Service’ option.

Using Poshora App

You will be able to download and install on your mobile from ‘Google Play store’. You will be able to enjoy all the services that are available in Poshora Website from this App too.


Service Hiring Process

To avail your required service from Poshora, you have to go through the following process –

1. Set your location and find the available services nearby

Once you specify your location and choose the service you are looking for from their wide range of offered services, Poshora will show you all the nearby, available service providers/ freelancers. The next task is to choose the service provider/ freelancer of your choice.

2. Book service and confirm your schedule

Now, you need to send the service provider/ freelancer a request by mentioning the time when you want to take the service and other personal details.


3. Get price quote from service provider/ freelancer

Once you send a request to a service provider/ freelancer, it will show in your Bookings tab.


After receiving your request, the service provider/ freelancer either can reject it or accept it by sending a price quotation to you.

The service provider/ freelancer can update their pricing anytime.

If you like the pricing, accept the quote. Otherwise, don’t.


4. Monitor Work Status

You can check the work status if you need it on the Poshora app/ website.


5. Take the service and rate it

Once the service is done, pay the service provider/ freelancer and rate the service for future improvements.


After the payment, the service provider/ freelancer can successfully end the contract and move on.

Design Elements

Backend and Frontend

Poshora backend is developed using a PHP framework named Laravel. UI elements are developed with basic CSS and some custom CSS. MySQL database is used to store data.

For extra security, no sensitive information, credentials or files are stored in the database in plain text. Instead, a custom web infrastructure (API) is designed and developed to store these information prioritizing security above all by encrypting them on the server-side. Also, all the REST communications are encrypted, authenticated with a secured JWT (JSON Web Token).

Cross-Platform Mobile App

  • A cross-platform mobile app is written in Dart using the latest mobile development platform Flutter. Flutter helped to make the app faster and reduce code development time.
  • Firebase has been used to implement the push notification service.
  • Many Flutter packages are used to implement different features like shared preference, splash screen, API calling etc.
  • JWT is used to hit all the private API to ensure user’s privacy and safety.


  • The system uses Google Analytics to track analytics. It is used to track the key metrics and events to improve the app through an informed iterative process.
  • Firebase Crashlytics is used to track key performance metrics, bugs and crashes.

Technology Used


Services Provided

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