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Even3App is a great opportunity for the entrepreneurs like makeup artists, DJ, Musicians, photographers and gifts and souvenirs stores etc. to bring more customers to their services!

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Even3App is a FREE event and vendor matching Android app that connects you with top Catering Services, outstanding Makeup Artist (Posh Glam Experts), Event Decor Services with great decoration reputation, best Event Planners, DJ, Musicians, rated Ushers, Photographers, Gift & Souvenirs Vendors ,party messenger e.t.c while you create invitations and share with friends.

Event planning can be tedious, you can get things done with ease on Even3. The app also lets you and guests know whats coming up on the day of the event, like weather forecast, traffic report & advice on the best way to prepare in dressing and navigating around to your wedding, birthday, opera show, housewarming, naming ceremony, mini or solo party e.t.c.

When you hire a vendor, you can rate and write reviews about their services. This will make your vendor happy and help other users to make an informed decision on whats best for them. Even3App also uses your feedback to recommend such vendors to other users.


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Client Feedback

“They have a vast knowledge and passion for mobile app development. They have been able to help structure the development of the android app up to production and supporting it."

Victor Ajayi, Co-founder, Even3App

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