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Paperless HRM Modules

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Paperless HRM has brought all the Human Resource Management Solutions in one place, divided into six modules.

  1. Employee and Organization Management
  2. Leave Management
  3. Attendance
  4. Payroll
  5. Tax Module
  6. Provident Fund Module

Human Resource Management Features - All Together

From SMEs to large enterprises, Paperless HRM can accommodate anyone.

Employee and Organization Management

This is basically Paperless HRM’s Human Resource Management Module. It helps you create the employee record management database, manage organizational data and company structure, define roles to control access, manage employees by categories or job grades etc.



Office Locations




Cost Center

Employee Categories

Job Grades

Leave Management

Paperless HRM’s Leave Management Module helps you automate PTO(Paid Time Off) calculations and manage UTO(Unpaid Time Off) and Holidays in your company.

Keep Track of Leaves

Monitor Leave Requests

Leave Configuration Based on Various Flexible Factors

Leave Approval from Managers with Maximum Flexibility

Dynamic Leave Reports

Manage Holidays

Attendance Management

Custom integration with existing attendance device.

Paperless HRM’s Attendance Module helps you with virtual attendance. Our custom-designed mobile application with Geofence will help you punch in and punch out automatically.

Shift Management

Monitor Leave Requests

Overtime Calculation

Reliever Shift Management

Holiday Consideration

Duty While in Leave

Manual Punch Out During Office Hour

Payroll Management

Paperless HRM’s Payroll Management Module handles ins and outs of employee’s payroll. Here, you can set or change rules for each employee category/job grade, manage or modify payroll, Once a rule is changed, it needs the higher authority’s approval for its effectiveness. Moreover, you can add of modify Salary Components and Their Taxation i.e. Basic Salary, Conveyance, House Rent, Mobile Allowance, Absenteeism Deductions etc. in granular level.

Customize Salary Components according to your need

Manage Job Grades

Overtime Calculation

Reliever Shift Management

Rule Change Approval

Payroll Modification Approval

Duty While in Leave

Manual Punch Out During Office Hour

Tax Module

Paperless HRM’s Tax Module helps you to manage the company’s all tax data. No need for pen and paper anymore if you use this module for all your levy details.

Fix Tax Slabs

Granular Tax Configuration

Employees’ Tax List

Manage Tax Locations

Manage Tax Rebate

Provident Fund Module

Paperless HRM’s Provident Fund(PF) Module helps you to manage specifics of the employee’s provident fund. Through this module, employees can apply for PF membership or even a loan from his/her PF fund and the HR authority can monitor those applications.

Accrued Provident Fund List of Employees

PF Membership Application

PF Membership Request Approval

PF Loan Application

PF Loan Approval

Final Settlement

Profit Sharing of Provident

As a summary, we offer –

  • Employee Management
  • Expense Management
  • Enterprise Architecture Management
  • Notifications
  • Leave Configuration
  • Leaves and Holidays Management
  • Custom Leave Reports
  • Attendance Management
  • Shift and Roster Management
  • Attendance Synchronization
  • Personalized Salary Components
  • Payroll Rule Updation and Modification
  • Job Grades Management
  • Custom Payroll Slips
  • Payroll Security
  • Tax Configuration
  • Tax Slab Management
  • Employee Tax, Location Tax and Investment Tax Records
  • Provident Fund Configuration
  • Accrued Provident Fund Calculation
  • PF Applications Management
  • And Many More

Why Choose Us?

Automated Workflows

  • Zero risk of errors
  • Faster operation
  • Quicker corrections
  • Securely Stored Data

  • Built-in layers of protection
  • Access restriction
  • Self-Service Employee Portal

  • Minimizing paperwork
  • Maintaining compliance
  • Granular Customized Settings

  • Highest relevance with the company regulation
  • Personalized experience
  • High Speed System Operability

  • Report generation in the minimum time possible
  • Lowest management cost for large set of data
  • Our Pricing

    From Startups, SMEs to Large Enterprises – we think about everyone.

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