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North-West Power Generation Company Limited is one of the very reputed power generation companies under Bangladesh Power Development Board operating since 2007. Since today, the Company has implemented seven power plants having total generation capacity of 1813 MW. In 2018, the company has been awarded by the Government as the Fastest Growing Power Generation Organization of Bangladesh among all public sector utilities.

Client Engagement

Dhrubok Infotech Services Company Ltd. came to know about the circulated RFP of NWPGCL. They needed a energy industry website renovated with their own customized idea. A number of companies approached them with their design proposals. We were one of them. Every company presented their own among which our proposal was much satisfactory to them. So, we were chosen.

Client’s Expectation

The existing website was unfavourable to the users. The user experiences were not satisfactory enough. So, our client’s solo expectation from us was to redesign the existing website into a “unique, unconventional, very good looking and powerful” one. So that investors and potential partners can understand their status just by taking a gaze on the website.

Our Proposal

At the very first stage of the development, we had a few meetings with their IT department. Initially, they asked us to present three samples for the design of the website. They also had a few ideas on their minds. They brought some modifications according to their needs on our proposed designs. In this manner, it took about 14-15 iterations to confirm the overall design of the website and get approved by the authority.

Design Challenges

The first and the biggest challenge of this project was that we didn’t get to do it from scratch. The website was already developed. So, we had to understand each and every single part of the project in order to work on it. Another issue was that most of the features were not dynamic. Rather they were all just statically showed on the website. So, we had to change all these into the dynamic in order to make the website smart.

Design Process of the Energy Industry Website

Eye Candy User Interface

The important thing to consider about the UI design was to be of green-red theme. The previous site was also developed using these two colors though the work was not so satisfactory. The client asked to use 75% of green and 25% of red on the theme. Green and red is the color of the national flag of Bangladesh. So, using these two colors for the texts have its own significance. The main operative field of the app uses a white background which serves many important goals: it helps the user for the quick perception of text-based content. it goes perfectly in contrast with other key elements such as buttons, bar charts and maps etc. Furthermore, it gives the screen a feeling of not overloaded with information and contents which is important for the quick perception of the core data fields.


The effort to make the site more attractive using animation didn’t go in vain. In the homepage, the installed capacity and the highest production of yesterday are shown using two animations. The data will be updated from the admin panel. Animated transitions were also added to present some other interactions: details of the information of the board of directors, view of the EIA reports etc.

Bar Chart

The bar chart on the homepage showing the year-wise generation of the power starting from the year of 2012 till 2030 is very much informative for the investors. They can see the progress of the plant to take the decision of the donation. The green, red and blue colors of the bar chart make it very soothing to the eye.

Map Locator

Future fuel mix of the existing power plants up to 2030 are shown in pi charts on the homepage. The uses of blue, red, grey, violet and green are very eye-catching in these pi charts.

Pie Chart

Future fuel mix of the existing power plants up to 2030 are shown in pi charts on the homepage. The uses of blue, red, grey, violet and green are very eye-catching in these pi charts.


The default language as per the client’s wish is Bangla. So all the contents had to be translated into Bangla. One can also get to select English for their convenience. For English and Bangla Montserrat and Nikosh fonts, both being highly legible and readable, were used respectively.

Interactive Maps

All the maps used in the website are interactive. The google map is incorporated into the website. While visiting any power plant’s webpage, the map shows the driving direction from the current location to the power plant.

Technology Used

Services Provided

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