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Navigator Tourism Mobile App: Creating Rich Travel Experiences

An iOS and Android based Tourism Application

Navigator Tourism is a travel booking platform that helps people plan their last-minute vacations, corporate tours, and family trips with less hassle. This app has hundreds of exclusive booking-ready packages and deals.

It is a user-friendly application where users can explore brilliant travel options according to their needs. Navigator Tourism has insane features that enable users to locate the right packages near their desired destination.

Navigator Tourism- Special Features

  • Intuitive search bar to find deals near a certain location
  • Customizable flight and hotel bookings to meet user’s prerequisites
  • Downloadable visa information documents to guide users
  • Info-packed packages to share details in one click
  • Instant pay option to book air tickets and hotels from the app

With Navigator Tourism Planning a Tour Becomes a Piece of Cake

Accessing All Details with a Click

Navigator Tourism lists a range of all-inclusive packages to turn tedious tour planning into an effortless venture. With just a click, a user can view all the details like prices, location, facilities, terms and conditions, and many others. Plus, they can book a package of their choice immediately right from the app.


Local & International Trips Made Easier

Navigator Tourism lists on-demand international destinations separately. Users can easily view what packages are available inside a specific country. This helps the travelers who want to visit a particular country discover what they want from the start.

Flights & Hotel Rooms for Everyone

Using Navigator Tourism, people can find hotels and flights that meet specific requirements in just a few minutes.

Users can select dates, the number of guests, and cabin type to see what flights are available and their prices. They can search specifically for Return, One-way, or Multi-City tickets. Even choose cabin types and set the number of tourists.


Hotel booking becomes painless with Navigator Tourism by customizing the searches effortlessly. People can add how many rooms they want and specify how many people will stay. They can also select check-in and check-out dates and search hotels in their desired destination that best matches their needs.

Visa Processing doesn't Have to be Tricky

Navigator Tourism is equipped with aids that make visa processing easier for anyone. Users can download resources that explain visa processings of different destinations from Navigator Tourism.

Currently, this app offers Visa information for 15+ countries. So the users can learn what documents they need and the process they must follow to apply for a visa.

Technology Used


Design Elements

Backend and Frontend

Navigator Tourism backend is developed using Node JS framework named Express JS. UI elements are developed with Vue JS, Material UI and some custom CSS. PostgreSQL database is used to store data. Sslcommerz API is used for payment-related transactions. Sabre API is used for air ticketing service (Sabre is one of the largest global distribution systems providers for air bookings).

For extra security, no sensitive information, credentials or files are stored in the database in plain text. Instead, a custom web infrastructure (API) is designed and developed to store this information prioritizing security above all by encrypting them on the server-side. Also, all the RESTful communications are encrypted and authenticated with a secured JWT (JSON Web Token).

Mobile App

  • A cross-platform mobile app is written in Dart using the latest mobile development platform Flutter.
  • Flutter secure storage package has been used to encrypt and store sensitive information like JWT.
  • Many Flutter packages are used to implement different features like HTTP, firebase auth etc.
  • Sslcommerz SDK is used for payment-related transactions and JWT is used to hit all the private API to ensure users’ privacy and safety.


  • The system uses Google Analytics to track analytics. It is used to track the key metrics and events to improve the app through an informed iterative process.
  • Firebase Crashlytics is used to track key performance metrics, bugs and crashes.

Services Provided

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