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5 Life Hacking Android Applications For Tech-Savvy Generation

Tech-savvy – this is how millennials like to be called nowadays. For this generation, thousands of web and mobile application software are being developed every day now. In case of an emergency, they at first turn to their phones, computers or whatever gadgets they are using at the moment. Their gadgets also seem not to disappoint them so often. Today we are going to showcase some of the life hacking software which can lessen your hassle a bit in some way. Hope you like our compilation!


Today’s young generation spends about 8-9 hours every day staring at the screen of their gadgets. This often causes dry-eye or other eye diseases. f.lux changes the color of your screen’s display with according to the time of day. Tell f.lux what kind of lighting you have and where you live. Then forget about it. f.lux will do the rest automatically. It makes your computer screen look like the room you’re in, all the time. So your eyes can relax even when you’re doing a day-long assignment on your PC!

Developed by: Flux Software LLC

User’s Reaction:

“I’ve used flux on literally every platform it was built for, and I’ve never been more pleased with a piece of software. I’ve never, ever, had a single problem with flux, on anything.”

Download Link: Play Store

Similar Apps: SunsetScreen


No more worries regarding scanning and faxing your important documents over the other side of the globe. You can convert your mobile into a scanner through this app and scan your document anytime now. The OCR(Optical Character Recognition) technology also lets you convert your image file into text files.

Developed by: INTSIG Information Co., Ltd

User’s Reaction:

Been using this app since 2011. In fact, I found it to be so indispensable that I paid for the full app.”

Download Link: Play Store, App Store

Similar Apps: Office Lens, Scanner Pro(iOS)


Not in a mood to go shopping? Confused what to cook today for dinner? Just add your ingredients what you have in your fridge and how much you want to spend cooking and AllRecipes instantly finds matching recipes! So now you have the freedom to take a break from shopping whenever you want! You can also shopping list for a specific dish to shop later.

Developed by: Meredith Corporation

User’s Reaction:

Absolutely the best little kitchen helper 🙂 It will always be my favorite app!”

Download Link: Play Store, App Store

Similar Apps: SuperCook


Have a song stuck in your head? Or are you loving the unknown music the neighbor is playing? Use SoundHound app to discover what is being played around you. You can also see lyrics, share, stream, buy or simply explore more about artists you know and love or have just discovered. You can also search by singing or humming into SoundHound. It gives you the result immediately!

Developed by: SoundHound Inc.

User’s Reaction:

 “I just hummed a song so badly not even a human would have recognized it, miraculously, the app did. The detection of music recordings is amazingly accurate as well.”

Download Link: Play Store

Similar Apps: Shazam(iOS), MusixMatch


Ever been embarrassed because of a silly grammatical mistake in an online post? No need to worry anymore because apps like Grammarly lets you write mistake-free on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and nearly anywhere else on the web. You’ll also get detailed explanations for all your mistakes and weekly reports of your progress.

Developed by: Grammarly Inc.

User’s Reaction:

“Overall I am very excited to have Grammarly on mobile, but there are a few improvements that could be made.”

Download Link: Play Store, App Store

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