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A web based, well-optimized, custom all-in-one-place HRMS application

The daily operational & management process can be a very complex and tough job to do, especially, if it’s a large company. While facing the same problem, AMANN Bangladesh Ltd. started exploring an easier and faster solution for the daily management to automate the Human Resource Management & Payroll Process with a custom software solution that fits well with their own operational process.

While an existing generic human resource management system software seemed the most suitable way to apply here, most of their primary choice regarding software companies to build customized and effective HRMS software leads to disappointment. Hereby, AMANN Bangladesh chose to go with Dhrubok Infotech Services Limited and finally, received the outcome they were seeking for all these months.

HRMS application is the solution that makes the daily operation more centralized, simple and effective by integrating multiple applications. While the exterior seems very simple, a company covers a wide range to sustain at its best. Starting from new acquisition to compensation management, succession planning, etc. – the HRMS application offers a single view of the whole company at a time. While keeping their current management and operational process intact, Dhrubok has provided AMANN Bangladesh Ltd. the finest and most effective HRMS software as per requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Every policy, every individual, every corner of a company needs to be managed properly to get the best result. And guess what, these HR works are not that simple as it seems. Hiring people, providing them training, evaluation- there are many more things that HR requires to do. While covering all these tasks is time-consuming, the HRMS application can be helpful to manage all this information efficiently with less effort.
Look around you! You are not the only one who is thinking like that. Multiple companies are using HRMS Software or Human Resource Management System Software by connecting information technology and human resource management through HR software. Managing payroll, tracking attendance, and all the daily repetitive tasks- HRMS application makes everything easier to maintain while providing the company employees enough time to contribute to the other highly impactful spheres.

Every software that is made by human beings has reduced manual effort while made the outcome most effective. HRMS application is also like that. It will enable your company to-

• Manage employee and their work effort in a better way
• Ensure proper payroll system and benefit all the time
• Provide a 360-degree data analysis and evaluation process
• Manage every HR activities of the company without having proper technical knowledge
• Track attendance and performance of every employee in the company
• Ensure 100% better effective result from the HR team and the other team members
• Make your company data safe and secure
• Turn most of the office management activities automated
• Improve the company decision

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AMANN Bangladesh Ltd. : A History of Success, Achievement and Aspiration


AMANN Bangladesh Ltd., the Bangladesh based office of one of the leading international manufacturers of high-quality sewing threads, embroidery threads and Smart Yarns, started its glorious journey to provide people the best quality product.

Its mother company AMANN Group got established back in 1854. Since then, AMANN has won millions of hearts with its variety of applications and highly technical procedure.

Currently, AMANN is operating in more than 100 countries with around 2,500 employees, while AMANN Bangladesh Ltd. is operating with 4 large factories and around 500 employees locally.

Key Features of AMANN HRMS Application

Dhrubok HRMS Application contains multiple built-in features along with the opportunity for customization. Once you are on board with us, you will enjoy your required features under the HRMS service for your company.

Under our service and according to the requirement here are all the main feature that Dhrubok HRMS Application particularly customized for AMANN –

Employee Database Creation

Through using the human resource management system software, the company can gather all their employee information at a place. In which role the employee is working now, his/her payment information, their JD – it enables a company to store all this information from day one of a person in the company and use it when needed. Dhrubok kept exactly this option for AMANN Bangladesh Ltd.

Employee Management

Are your company employees attending the office at the right time? Are they wasting most of their time outside? Tracking employees is not the only thing that requires managing time. Managing all of them contains so many other tasks that human resource management system software developed for AMANN makes it easy to handle.

Payment and Benefit Administration

Managing employee payment, their benefits, regular payment evaluation, counting leaves, and calculating monthly payment- seems a hell of a lot of tasks to perform, doesn’t it? Dhrubok HRMS Application not only requires fewer people to perform the job, but it requires less time too.

PF and Tax management

Maintaining every monetary detail becomes tough for big companies like AMANN. Thus, besides their regular salary management, with the Dhrubok HRMS Application, the company has been able to modify tax deductions right from the software. The feature extends to the PF or provident fund management, including- PF Membership, PF Banking, PF Investment, PF Interest, PF Loan, PF Accounting too.

Employee Attendance Monitoring and Review

Tracking employee performance, their current growth and contribution, analyzing the data, ensuring the honest review, and providing input- all these comprise one major feature of HRM software. If you want to keep track of every document, including- license, educational certificates, and all, HRMS software is the best option for you.

Leave Management

How much has each employee enjoyed their leaves? You don’t have to remember or follow any paper trail. Dhrubok HRMS got it covered. Under this system, employees can ask for leave by submitting a leave application and all their previous leave reports also will be available in the software for you. In this way, even company hierarchy will also be possible to be ensured.

Shift and Roster Based Monitoring

Do you have multiple wings to take care of at the very same time? Well, a large companies like AMANN does. For every shift and every roster, our HRMS service has covered each employee monitoring of the company. So, whatever is going on, it will be checked!

Besides all these, Dhrubok HRMS Application features provide financial management, accounting, technical features, employee job history, applicant tracking, organization hierarchy, talent management and many more things for AMANN Bangladesh Ltd. Besides, all reports that exist in the software can be exported in excel and pdf while the system access is entirely role-based.

Large Companies holds thousands of rooms for mismanagement and that’s where HRMS comes! HRMS application is not only a very random software for some specific problems to solve. Its functionality saves a whole company from huge problems while ensuring better employee management, satisfaction, and acceptance. The HR team and all the other team members become much more effective with this software too, just like AMANN Bangladesh Ltd.!
Is your company running swiftly now? To make it swifter with a better outcome, try HRMS application this time too! So, what do you think? Which part of Dhrubok HRMS Application could help you to make that happen?

Technology Used

Technical Details

We have used the world’s most advanced open source database (PostgreSQL) for storing the huge and complex data for the system. End to end encryption is included to make sure data safety against data breaches. For extra security, no sensitive information, credentials or files are stored in the database in plain text. Instead, a custom web infrastructure (API) is designed and developed to store these information prioritizing security above all. AMANN Bangladesh HRM solution is built with industry leading technologies like Java Spring Boot and ReactJS.

Backend Features

  • De-facto standard Spring Security is implemented to secure the backend from any unauthorized communication.
  • For large operations, scheduler and batch operations are developed to ensure data-reliability.
  • Role based API access is ensured for securing the backend data by JWT.
  • The solution is made with modular architecture to implement new features easily.
  • Attendance data from any external database can be imported into the system by batch operation and multi-database architecture. 

Frontend Features

  • System is developed with ANT design to ensure high quality and responsive design.
  • HTTPS is used to protect the integrity and confidentiality of data between the user’s computer and the system.
  • Role-based feature access is implemented with custom proprietary technology.

The system is tested throughout the development with  both automated and manual testing. UAT is performed before making the system live to all end users.

Services Provided

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