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Points to Consider in Choosing a Software Development Company

A website/an app is the digital face of your business. So choosing a good software development company for your business is one of the most vital points to consider while you are thinking about developing a website or an app. Do not choose a development company who will only develop your software. Rather choose someone who will be working for your business development being your strategic partner. Only in this way, true success can be expected in a business.

Think Before You Choose

Statistics say that 90% of the buyers do an online research before purchasing any product. If one does that while spending a small amount of money, what should they do while investing a lot of money in developing a software? The answer is pretty obvious. Don’t make a sudden decision. At first, run a research on what the company can offer you against what you actually want. I have made a list of things which may help you in this condition:

They Have a Good Work History

Company’s age is not necessarily a considering factor while taking the decision. A lot of new companies may be able to offer many fantastic ideas and innovations to your projects. Just run an online research and see if the company has had a good work history in the past. LinkedIn is a great platform where you can easily search for this kind of information of any company.  

Their Portfolio Stands up to Their Claim

The first thing to do while choosing a web development company is to pay a visit to their personal website and have a look. If you are giving someone the job to develop your project, you surely don’t want them to be someone whose own website is not in a good shape. The next important thing is their portfolio. You can find many companies who claim to be an expert in their job but in actual all of it is nothing but a hoax. In the portfolio section, look for any related work that they have done in the past or if they have worked in the similar industry.

They Have a Good Reputation Among Old Clients

LinkedIn reviews and Google reviews are two of the major things to consider in making the decision. People usually leave a comment on these places about their experiences after getting the services from a company. No one surely wants to work with a company who has a very poor reputation among their old clients. You can even ask for references and then follow up and learn about their experiences.

Their Project Approach is Agile

Find a company that puts pressure on Scrum/Agile process and values retrospective meetings. Daily standups are a cost-effective way to integrate the whole development team. If they maintain transparency in their workplace, they will surely maintain that with you as well.

They Maintain Alliances

Choose a company who doesn’t leave their client just after the project has been delivered. Maintaining alliances is a sign of loyalty. It may even be possible that you know any of their clients personally and you can look for some suggestions whether you should contract with the company.

They Know How the Market Works

A software development company without a marketing team is not of much worth. An eye-candy website having no market value is nothing but a complete waste of money. You need something that actually serves your purpose. If a software development company has designers, developers and marketers, you can put your confidence in them.

Their Communication Skill is Good

It is mandatory that you are able to interact effectively with the people you hire. Perfect communications between the client and the design team result in a perfect deliverable. Interaction is also important for building trust.  So along with all other factors, make sure the developer selected is a nice fit for your communication preferences.

They Have Experience in Various Industries

Experience in different industries is much more important than years of experience. It doesn’t matter if a company is well experienced only in a specific industry that is not of your interest. Rather a company who has work experiences in various industries in the past will easily be able to cope up with your requirements even if they need to go out of their comfort zone to fulfill those.

They Use Responsive and Material Design

Responsive design is the best way to design websites these days. It’s not just a craze which will fade out a few days later. In today’s date, when mobile is the most famous of all gadgets, responsive and material design are two of the main design factors to consider while developing a software. If your selected company doesn’t give much thought to it, then take a moment to step back and find a better development team.  

Their Designer Knows Conversion

A designer has to know how to make a realistic design. A good designer knows what is conversion. A good development company has designers who know proper layout, navigation and calls to action. Give it a good thought before confirming the contract with the company.

If you want a website that’s going to be the face of your business, you have to invest in it. A great website can yield a high return on investment whereas a bad website will result in a motionless business. Once you find the right development firm, half of your job is done and you surely can expect something fruitful from your investment.

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