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A perfect App-based solution to find the best driving instruction

Learning ‘how to drive’ is a necessity. As looking for the perfect and experienced instructor can be troublesome, Gyru, a driving instructor app developed by Dhrubok, can help the potential drivers to get to their destination. Based on Kent, United Kingdom, Gyru provides trustworthy service within the shortest possible time for both the learners and the instructors through a different app.

Gyru Driving Instructor App: A Journey to Find the Best!

So, even to find an instructor, learners need an app now? Of course! Gyru is not only an app to communicate with learners and instructors. Every person wants to assure safety, quality and the value of their time. Gyru Driving Instructor App provides it perfectly.

Separate app system

Gyru provides a separate app for both learners and the instructor. To enjoy the service, both party needs to submit their information. Every user of Gyru App has a profile. This is something that ensures safety and quality. Before trying an instructor, a learner can go through his/her profile and if all these information fits the expectation, he/she can contact and fix the course!

Hassle-free appointment

The basic motto of Gyru was to create a scope of learning for the users, so that, they don’t need to go through all the time-hassle while finding and learning. As a well-curated application, Gyru ensures zero gaps between the learning processes.

Easy navigation

The UX designed in such a way that it allows users to navigate information easily. This app aims to provide the best driving instructor to a user based on location, price, distance, and qualification. Besides, the user can easily find an instructor around him/her by typing location postcode. The app also has an “In-App Chat” option to help learner and instructors to communicate with each other.

Block booking

Saving money while learning from the best instructors can be a lucrative deal. Gyru provides the opportunity to its users by the option ‘Block booking’. Through using this, learners can book some courses at a time. Based on how many courses they have books in the block, a 10% discount will be given on the total amount of money.

Post a deal

Can’t find any driving instructor is found around you? As a learner, the best option that you can choose from Gyru is, ‘post a deal’. Just post an offer based on your course requirements and necessary information. Let the instructor contact you. Gyru will watch the process for user’s safety. But, the deal will be yours!

Key features: The reason behind using Gyru App

There are so many options that will attract you to get on board with Gyru. Go through the best of them!

  • Easy sign-up: Gyru allows the user to set up their account in the learner app through email or other social media.
  • Instructor’s information: When the user inputs the postcode of his/her location, the app provides a list of instructors’ profile around the location. The instructor’s profile exhibits the qualification of the driver as well as the offered price.
  • Booking an instructor: The learner can book the driving instructors through in-app chat, phone call or pre-assigned time slot.
  • Block booking: This feature lets the learner book a block of lessons within a fixed period with a 10% discounted price.
  • Post a deal: Gyru offers its users to make their deal and post it on the app to find the best instructor.

Advantages for Instructors:

  • The instructor can easily set up his/her profile in the Gyru app for Instructors.
  • The instructor can easily see the list of gathered learners by using the location postcode.
  • There is no franchise fee to pay the fortune.
  • No long drive is available for a single lesson.
  • The instructor can instruct as much as possible
  • No contract is required to use the app.
  • The instructor can set his schedule according to his/her comfort.
  • Instructors can start lessons where they end a lesson by reducing dead mileage.

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