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The Go Du App

Nightlife Mobile Application Developed for Android and iOS Platform

You only live once. George Strait said it right. “I ain’t here for a long time, I’m here for a good time.” To make everyday count is to enjoy every moment. But today’s busy and fast running generation doesn’t get to enjoy their life much. They work all day long and return home with minds occupied already with the next day’s assignments, stresses and so on. But, an exuberant night can take away all these stresses. 

The Nightlife Mobile Application Go Du App provides you with live information about bars, clubs and restaurants for a great nightlife experience – making it easy to find where to go for dinner or drinks or the atmosphere that you want for great nightlife entertainment on any given night.

Research Methodologies

After a long tiresome day, some prefer to pass some quality time either alone or with family and friends. Whether you are thinking of having dinner at a restaurant or a club to hang out with your friends or just a music lounge to relax your mind with some soft music, The Go Du App is the one you should turn to. The Go Du App provides you with live information, making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. So, you can just seize the moment and stop wasting your time searching for fun.


People of every class, every age feel the necessity of having fun. But their preference may vary. The Go Du App finds the perfect place for you – your scene, your people, your kind of fun. It lets you enjoy the nightlife in real time. So no more wasting time searching for the perfect place to hang out with your loved ones after a stressful day. Venue owners can also serve their live entertainment in front of the customer through this app. The app does the work of bringing everyone to the right place!


The Go Du App shows how popular a restaurant, a bar, a club or a lounge is based on check-ins and ratings from people who are there right at this moment! Restaurant and nightclub owners can put their live entertainment at customer’s fingertip, list their specials for dinner and add their nightly entertainment. Whether a live band, the hottest DJ in town or a sports special showing, if they just list it in the app, The app brings the perfect customers at their doorstep to fill the seats.

Problem Definition

  • A perfect hang out at a perfect place after a hectic day can take away all the stress and recharge one with full energy for the next day. But finding the perfect place on short notice is not a very easy task.
  • At times we miss the news of a great event happening this moment and knowing about it later makes us feel nothing but regret.
  • Very often the restaurant owners find it challenging to campaign some offers that they are offering right at that moment and so don’t get as many customers as they expect to do.

Design Solutions for the Nightlife Mobile Application

Offered to Customers

The most distinguishable feature of the app is it being the first real-time nightlife app. The app itself resets at 6:00 a.m. local time so no worries regarding last night’s update bogging down your night. One has to sign in the app using Google sign in. So no chance of deception and the accuracy of the information are beyond doubt.

The app incorporates Google maps and Google Places API. It tracks your current location and shows appropriate venue suggestions for the night. Colored Kangaroo pins on the map are changed based on ratings inside the bar or restaurant. When the Kangaroo is Purple- the atmosphere is thrilling. When the Kangaroo is Green- you know it’s a lively place to be. If the Kangaroo is Orange/Red- it’s a very relaxed place to hang and chill out. And if the Kangaroo is Grey- this is the last place you want to be for the night!

You can pick a place from the map and see the atmosphere. If you are finding it reasonable then just hop in there. While staying there, just give a check-in or upload photos for others to see what’s going on there right now or write a review or just give a rating. You can even share your check-ins on other social medias.

You can see the list of all previous check-ins in eminent places from your personal account. So be ambitious and make this list longer.

Offered to Partners

If you are a venue owner and looking for a platform to serve your specialties to appropriate customers, The Go Du App has a lot to offer. There are three kinds of partnerships for purchase. Just choose the one right for you and you are good to go!

From the partner dashboard, you can edit the necessary information regarding your place based on your partnership. Being a Basic partner, you make yourself a member of the Go Du community but you can offer nothing much special to the customer. Being a Gold partner, you can only edit the details and add your specialties for the customers to see. Being a Platinum partner, you have access to edit the details and specialties of your place and also view the check-ins and reviews from the customers.

The insights only offered to the Platinum partners is a wonderful feature. The venue owner can come here to see the number of check-ins, reviews, recommendations, active users, shares and likes for different timelines using graphs and pie charts. It helps them to have an insight of the annual progress of their business.

Design Elements

For back-end, open source parse server is used. The iOS version of the app is written in Swift 3.0 and the android in Java. Facebook SDK is used to integrate facebook login. Several useful libraries are used like Kingfisher as image loading lib, Alamofire as REST service lib, Crashlytics as crash reporting tool etc. in the iOS version of the app.

UX Research

Research Questions Asked to User

  • Do you think the app is useful in some way as an user?
  • Do you get satisfied using the app?
  • Would you like to share the idea of this app with your friends?
  • Do you understand the navigation of the app completely?

Experience Tested

  • Investigating the experience of the user after using the app.
  • Observing the response of the user while scanning the screens.
  • The demand of the users.
  • Granting the app with quality service giving satisfaction.

Rainbow Spreadsheet Observation


"My company, GDL Media, LLC has been contracted with Ashiq to bring our app, The Go Du App, to fruition. Ashiq met all our deadlines, was within budget and produced/supported our venture with unmatched ownership. We are proud to showcase our world-class application and we know that Ashiq is always there when we need him! If you want that kind of assurance and accountability do not hesitate to call on Ashiq and his team. I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend Ashiq for your business and technology needs."
Raymond Nekrasz
President, GDL Media, LLC

Technology Used

Services Provided

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