case studies

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Case Study: Gyru App

As looking for the perfect and experienced instructor can be troublesome, Gyru, an app based driving instructor finding process, can help the potential drivers to get to their destination.

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Case Study: Aladin’s Chirag

With the best-diversified combination of food, grocery, fashion, freshly grown backyard product shops, Aladin’s Chirag is the ultimate hub for your shopping without a bag. Now, even being in Sydney, feel the essence of your home at the doorstep.

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App Case Study: Credntia

Credntia is the world’s leading personal identity management system that enables you to define and show who you are wherever you are. Make your life digitized and rock!

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App Case Study: Even3App

Even3App is a great opportunity for the entrepreneurs like makeup artists, DJ, Musicians, photographers and gifts and souvenirs stores etc. to bring more customers to their services!

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Case Study: Hint 2.0

Hint helps you to know for sure that the cute girl or guy across the room also finds you attractive. This app, being your wingman, does the ice-breaking for you and the rest is a snap!

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