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Iqra: Get Your BCS Preparation Anytime, Anywhere!

A Web and Android based full-fledged and interactive BCS Preparation App


Struggling for a secured job? There are hundreds of job sectors out there. Yet, these days, students are preferring to pursue their career in Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS). How tough is it to compete for a BCS Job? Millions of people try every year their luck for BCS. The winning hat doesn’t choose every one of them. Years have been passed while people are trying to be a Government Cadre. New exam style, new rules and new books – you may have seen some of them. But, within all these new factors, haven’t you got bored with the same old books made of papers?

While all parts of our life have been technologically advanced, why not BCS preparation too? Iqra, the BCS Preparation App, is here now with the ultimate BCS preparation facilities.

Learn Anywhere, Anytime in the Best BCS Preparation App

Are you travelling? Passing your leisure? Whether you are commuting or sitting idle, get prepared for your BCS exam by Iqra. Books can’t be carried everywhere, all the time. But with your mobile, wherever you are, knowledge will be with you.

Choose Your Device

Not interested in reading on mobile? With Iqra, choose your desired device and learn from Phone, Tablet, Laptop and other devices!


Collect Your Points, Finish the Level!

Yes, all the subjects that you need to be good at, all of them are in Iqra. But is there anything more here for you? Of course! While you are learning and choosing subjects and passing every test, Iqra will provide you points for your every victory.


In every test, there will be a definite time, question and points for every right answer. With every correct answer, you will get 1.0 point, while every wrong answer will cost you 0.25 points!


Besides collecting points, in this BCS preparation app, there are levels too! The better you will do in your test, the quicker you will pass the level. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?


Challenge the World!

Now enjoy a bit of fun while learning for the BCS exam! Be online on Iqra and get your upcoming knowledge game by tapping the ‘Challenge’ option. Find your battle with another competitor online and play with them. Are you prepared for your exam? This challenge will let you know the answer.


Ranker of the Day, the Week and the Month!

With all these points and challenges, Iqra will declare the highest rankers! Total three level’s Rankers will see their name on the App. So, Ranker of today, Ranker of the week or Ranker of the month- which types of Ranker you want to be?


Be Updated

Suggestion makes life easier. What about some ready-made BCS Exam suggestion? Find your required suggestions, tips and tricks with the updated BCS news in Iqra!


Get On Board Now!

Don’t waste a minute to start learning with Iqra. Download the App from Google Store, Sign in with your E-mail ID and Password, verify your Email ID and start your journey!

To customize the App, users can go to ‘Settings’ and edit their profile like the way they want!


Save Your Money

Books can be costly. When you have Iqra, why would you buy the book! Just use the App and find all the knowledge at a place just in 50Tk.

Choose your desired package out of 30 days package (50Tk), 90 days package (150Tk), and 180 days package (300Tk). Pay the fee per month through your chosen gateway and learn as much as you want!


Free Trial Period

Still confused about Iqra? Nothing to worry! Take your time and use the App for your BCS preparation on a trial basis for 7 days.

Don’t lack behind in the race. Join the battle now with your ultimate companion Iqra now. Believe us, you will win this time!

Design Elements

Backend and Frontend

The Iqra backend is built on the Lumen(Laravel) framework. Lumen attempts to take the pain out of development by easing common tasks used in the majority of web projects such as routing, database abstraction, queueing, and caching. MySQL database is used to store the data.

For security, no sensitive information, credentials or files are stored in the database in plain text. Instead, a custom web infrastructure (API) is designed and developed to store these information prioritizing security above all by encrypting them on the server-side. Also, all the REST communications are encrypted, authenticated with a secured JWT (JSON Web Token).

Iqra web frontend is developed using the popular and robust React JS framework with some custom HTML and CSS.

Mobile App

  • Iqra mobile(android) app is developed using Java and XML with MVVM architectural pattern. MVVM is a software architectural pattern that loosely coupled Service(Business Logic) and View so that the View is not directly dependent on Model and Services.
  • Used LiveData to make our View, Model, and Services reactive to render the UI.
  • Firebase has been used to implement the push notification service.
  • Many android libraries are used to implement various functionalities such as Fast Android Networking for API calling, Lottie for animation, Glide for image loading and caching etc.


  • The system uses Google Analytics to track analytics. It is used to track the key metrics and events to improve the app through an informed iterative process.
  • Firebase Crashlytics is used to track key performance metrics, bugs and crashes.

Technology Used

Services Provided

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