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Top 10 Bangladeshi Tech Startups That’s Making Our Life Easier

top tech startups

Tech Startup has become a craze for this e-generation as the fast changing modern world is experiencing fourth Industrial Revolution. Especially Entrepreneurship is getting popular in recent years aiming to fulfill the daily requirements of the consumer and got highly human-centered. Sadly, most of these startups couldn’t hold back. They faced the ultimate failure, while the other leads an ever-changing market quelling every riddled step of obstacles, particularly when the startup is in its embryonic stage. Here we named those 10 startups who foregone over hundreds of others and currently leading the Bangladeshi market:


Are you looking for a job but don’t know where to find one? Then BDJobs (www.bdjobs.com) is the place where you can find your desired job. Now, there are many social media pages and other sites available for this kind of business. Then, what makes BDJobs different? BDJobs.com Ltd.is the first and leading career management site in the country, started its journey in July, 2000, understanding the needs of job seekers and employers from the country’s context. BdJobs hase created an open marketplace for job where employers search for employees and employees search for their perfect jobs. If you allow job notifications in their website, you can apply to your preferred job even if you are outside the country at that moment which rescues you from missing the deadlines. On the other hand, organizations get the best talents from the remote corners by advertising in their website which saves time and money for both parties. Besides the Govt. and Non-Govt., full-time and part-time job, BDJobs.com provides training opportunities and tender option too. Through creating your own profile in the site, you can directly apply for a job from BDJobs, or can apply indirectly to the company too.

BDJobs is owned by several shareholders. A.K.M Fahim Mashroor, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) owns 33 percent shares of the company. Australian partner SEEK International started its journey with BDJobs in 2014 and has now become the leading shareholder with 35 percent stakes while Seven others from the founding body own the remaining shares.


Paying for the product without using card, Bank account or cash was something beyond imagination till 2011. Then there came Bkash, with a bundle of opportunities and availability. Now, whether you are in village or town, Bkash is one step aloof from you.

BKash is one of the leading Mobile Financial Services in the world with 30 million account holders provides safe, convenient and easy ways to make payments and money transfer services via mobile phones. All the people (With bank or without bank) around Bangladesh are getting the opportunity to use Bkash as a medium of currency transfer. If you don’t have a bank account, that’s okay! If you have a Bkash account, that’s enough.

After receiving a license to operate from the regulator-Bangladesh Bank in 2010, the journey of bKash started in July 2011. Starting as a send money platform, it is transforming itself to a service provider in remittances, airtime top up, merchant payments etc. As Bkash is getting connected with merchants, users can still use it for donation, purchasing movie ticket, Cash-in and out etc. A new app-based payment option from bKash has received a huge response from its users. While holding 80% of total Mobile Financial Service share, by 2019 Bkash has generated almost 3.1 million users. The app aids bKash users to stay cognizant about transaction limits and notifications, and allows them to check their balance in one tap, to mention a friend, and to get benefits from other services provided by the app itself.

bKash now has four shareholders-BRAC Bank Limited, Money in Motion, International Finance Corporation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


In 2014, a joint collaboration between Bangladeshi and European investors fabricated the idea of shohoz.com, the first ever online ticket booking and home delivery system. During the pick times of the year, especially during the festivals like Eid, Puja and other holidays, people rush to their homes in villages by water, road and train. The struggle to get a single ticket has stimulated this initiative. The five-year old digital ticketing company has expanded its business from ticketing to ride sharing and most recently to food delivery.

Now, besides working as a ride-sharing company, Shohoz is providing transportation ticket purchasing (Bus, Launch, Train etc.), movie ticket purchasing. Hotel reservation and food delivery service too.

Started by Maliha M Quadir, Founding Managing Director and Sandeep Debnath, Chief Technology Officer of Shohoz.com, it has raised US$15M in pre-series B investment led by Singapore’s Golden Gate Ventures and participated by Linear VC, 500 Startups and Singaporean angel investor Koh Boon Hwee.


 While service industry getting hyped through technology, health care is also on the verge of change. Doctorola is a health tech startup that focuses on finding appropriate doctors via digital media and internal call center. It is almost three years running its business successfully in the market. From the start, the vision of Doctorola is to meet customer satisfaction throughout the country ultimately expand it to international market and to make sure that common people get chance to meet a qualified physician within their preferable place and in minimum time.

BD Venture backed Doctorola over 480 partner hospitals across the country and a community of over 7,000 registered doctors on its platform. It has partnered with Apollo Hospital in 2017.


It is no surprise that Dhaka has one of the most congested traffic conditions with an average traffic speed of 7kmph which is slightly above from walking speed. Pathao was founded by Hussain Elius, Shifat Adnan, and Fahim Saleh in 2015 with the aim of tackling one of the most plaguing businesses and commuters in Dhaka city based on consumer-facing on-demand delivery. In 2016, Pathao ride made its foray into ride-hailing transportation to support the passenger reach their destination at the sharp time. The service thrives on the back of a growing demand of reliable e-commerce deliveries at off-pick hours.

Successively, Pathao launched cars, Pathao food, courier, e-commerce and Pathao tong. Using the app Pathao possesses the leading position in bike-hailing space and targets to do much more. In april, 2019, with almost 50,000 bikes, Pathao is valued over $100 million. On September 12, 2018, pathao started its journey in Kathmundu, Nepal too.


Urban folks lead a time strained life as ever. When you are everyday office goer, you will find it less likely to spend the only day off in a week than to look for repairmen to fix your living room light or malfunctioning air conditioner or may be the whole day to find someone who can fix it. Though there is still no ‘solve’ button for all these, but Sheba.xyz is determined to take the challenge on as an online service market. ‘Sheba’ meaning ‘services’ exactly works as linking online platform that provides service solutions to the users of both sides. It was started its journey in 2015 as a mere call center and got familiar with many through the app launched in December, 2017. You can have all the main bases covered for your typical day-to-day urban living problems including the twelve main lines of services, including food, beauty, cleaning and pest control, appliance and gadget repair using the app and website of Sheba.xyz.

Starting by Adnan Imtiaz Halim, Ilmul Haque Sajib and Abu Naser Md. Shoaib, in 2017, the company has raised about $1 million from its investors and is waiting to hear back on its investment proposal from the ICT division’s iDEA (innovation, design and entrepreneurship academy) project.

10 Minute School

Have you ever thought of solving algebra just before the night of your exam without home tutor or allowing your child to learn sentence structure by switching on mobile screen? And that too all in 10 minutes? Online study is nothing new for the world but 10 minute school opens a door of education beyond the wall of school being a one-of-a-kind platform, enabling both children and adults to learn, study and deliver. Founded by 24-yar-old Ayman Sadiq in the year in 2015, the 10 Minute School is the only site in Bangladesh through which students can learn from the tutorials (4,000 videos) and live classes, practice from the given quizzes and model tests, monitor their progress, compare with their peers and others, get every single information needed which otherwise isn’t available in the internet – all for free. This school also arranges online workshops and sessions to improve skills in Software, Extra Curricular Activities and also supports to develop soft skills like business speaking or how to write a CV. They opened two facebook pages to answer any of your queries promptly through messenger BOT. While one of the major challenges for the organization back then was to find a suitable sponsor to fund its operational activities, it later came to be supported by telecom operator Robi Axiata Ltd and the ICT Ministry of Bangladesh.  Currently they have around 900k subscribers in their YouTube Channel.


Life couldn’t be easier than buying necessary things from your premises having a hassle free mode of shopping knowing that traffic out there is unbearable and unfair prices and bargaining completely spoils your joy of shopping. Robust growth of online shopping leads to the emersion of giant online brands such as Chaldal.com- an online shop based in Dhaka founded by Waseem Ali and Zia Ashraf, embedded in the idea that shopping can be a convenient experience for everybody. It was primarily set up in 2013 to serve a limited number of area and eventually the entire city offering beyond 4000 ifferent items including basic grocery items, office stationery, electronics, baby care, beauty and healthcare products and more. A relatively user-friendly shopping website and an Android and iOS app of Chaldal.com helps to choose your product from the categories and order just by clicking ‘Add to cart’.

Chaldal, started with Waseem Alim, Zia Ashraf, and Tejas Viswanath, received financing from IFC (International Finance Corporation), World Bank, IDLC, Y Combinator and so many more. The company received financing from other private, national and international venture capitalists. While serving almost 2,000 orders in daily basis, Chaldal has become a 600 people’s team now. By 2019, this company holds a value of almost Tk.100 crore.


Can you think of finding all genre books in one place other than Ekusher Boi Mela? Tech startup- Rokomari.com didn’t fail to satisfy the bookworms with their collection of books delivering to the edge of the country as well as overseas using their friendly shopping interface with features including multiple payment options, reduced charge by launching iOS and Android app. Rokomari.com, a Bangladeshi online shopping portal, is an e-commerce venture of Onnorokom Web Services Ltd, a sister concern of Onnorokom Group owned by Mahmudul Hasan graduated from the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, BUET. In the near future, Rokomari.com plans to include items like experiment kits for children, cycle accessories, computers, cameras, paintings, tickets, food, toys and many more. It doesn’t matter if you order one book or many, Rokomari.com charges 50tk for online shipping and 7otk for phone order shipping.

Currently, Rokomari.com has started its first ever online App based book reading service, MuthoBoi. Through using the App, user will be able to buy book in less price and read them online.


When you decide to sell your product the first name that hit your mind is Bikroy.com, the largest online marketplace since the beginning of its journey in 2012 by global tech firm – Saltside Technologies. It has sections dedicated to private and business advertisements for cars and vehicles, property, electronics, home appliances and personal items, sport and hobby items, and jobs, among others. It aims to build leading online marketplaces in Bangladesh while creating sustainable value for the community. In this regard, Bikroy.com is an online classified site which has given customers access to second hand goods as well as setting up a transparent marketplace for them where market prices are dependent on supply and demand of goods, rather than artificial price fixing. Bikroy Delivery has been launched to deliver the buying product to the buyer ensuring security for both parties.

Besides business, Bikroy.com has collaborated with UN Global and UN Women. While doing a survey among the Bangladeshi internet users, Bikroy got their place right after Facebook and Google in 2016. It marked its name in the list in the upcoming years too.

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