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Bangladesh – Best Offshore Software Development Hub

Bangladesh Best Offshore Software Development Hub

Building a remote team? You can give a shot to offshore hubs for software development. Let me explain why.

Many of us moved into remote offices because of the pandemic. It was not easy switching to a work-from-home culture.

In the end, we had to do it anyway. That’s how remote working culture became the new normal of this era.

Lucky for you, there are hidden benefits of having a remote team. Especially for businesses holding software departments. They figured out quickly that a remote unit can play a huge role in their business growth.

You can cut down your software development expenses by going remote. Moreover, spending on training in-house software teams will become unneeded.

Because you can pick professionals from anywhere in the world. Borderless talent selection works in your favor here.

Did you get the picture?

Now, let’s move on to the next important thing- Building your team offshore. It makes sense if you wish to develop an efficient team with multiple skill sets.

As we all know, assembling a tech team is not one size fits all. You may want a team that includes as many of your prerequisites.

So Why Build Your Software Development Team Offshore?

In-house recruiting gives you no added bonus. You get to hire the top professionals in your area only. But they still might lack the skill-sets you require to build your product.

But that’s a strict no-no if you like to develop your application adequately.

For your own remote team, you can hire freelancers too. However, that might make your work even more complex.

For ensuring quality, you need to go through a time-consuming recruiting process. And that equals raising your expenses as well.

In this case, tech vendors can help you cut down your overall costs. They’ll supply you with the best gems in their industry to simplify your requirement process.

Most tech vendors are ready to take over the complex recruitment process for you. They already have a pool of professionals whose skills are verified by them. And they are prepared to dedicate their time to you anytime you want.

Note that no freelancer is an expert in all fields. You may find many top freelancers experienced in one or a few skill sets that match your requirement.

A well-known front-end developer might not be familiar with back-end operations. In such cases, what can you do?

You can source different members with different skill sets and manage them in a team. But doing all these from afar might not be that fruitful for you.

You can widen your talent pool by going global. There are thousands of developers and engineers experienced in the software industry worldwide. And you can discover and include some of the capable fellows to build your dream team.

There is more to this story. Startups tend to have a limited budget. And in your area, you might not find the right professionals who will work at your preferred wage.

You can source many talented developers and engineers at a lower cost. Let me tell you how this works.

An offshore hub lets you capture talents from a single place. Isn’t it much easier assembling your team in a specific country where your desired skill-sets are available? An added bonus is recruitment partners. Or we can say, tech vendors.

They can filter out the right talents for you from your desired tech hub. And when you can build your application development team in a place that offers you all the resources and support, that’s a bingo, right?

What Is an Offshore Software Development Hub?

Some of the selected countries are known as software outsourcing centers because of their availability of talent pools and IT industry experience.

First, you have to build your team in one of those offshore locations. But there’s a catch; it’s not an easy thing to create an entire tech team on a foreign site.

A good thing for you, tech vendors can help you out here. They’ll provide all the resources you need to establish your team. They can hire top-notch local specialists, build your team and monitor them for you. Some partners may offer workspace options for your team as well.

There are many ways to make your team offshore without your direct involvement. And that saves you from getting a lower quality output from your remote team.

The responsibility to manage your team relies primarily on the software vendors. Since they committed to making you a great team. So you can skip such tedious recruitment operations and still get a premium team working under you!

Let me guess why you’re here. You want to establish your team offshore like many other businesses. I’ll introduce you to a well-known tech development hub in south Asia that was an underdog for years- Bangladesh.

You might find it a convenient location to build your software team. Because we can offer you a pool of talented engineers, developers, and programmers who have access to many resources. We have a matured IT industry culture which produces tons of experienced and skilled programmers every year.

Let me tell you more about why you should consider Bangladesh to outsource your required talents-

Fast-growing ICT Industry:

The Bangladeshi government has decided to put some cash into their ICT sector. And they started functioning a few years back.

Do you know things were not the same before 2006? According to FDI Intelligence, Bangladesh’s biggest challenge in the ICT industry was poor internet connectivity and frequent power cuts. Thanks to government investment, things have changed for the better.

The condition of the power supply dramatically improved. And the availability of the internet has spread all across the country. Eventually, we’ve reached a point where our ICT sector has everything to evolve.

From 2019’s Industry Statistics of Bangladesh, we found out Bangladesh has achieved a huge revenue of about $5 billion from the ICT sector. That’s not all. In the last few years, this amount has doubled.

Do you know the Bangladeshi government is trying to make the ICT sector powerful? Let me clear the cloud. Like their apparel manufacturing industry, they want to make another huge revenue source.

And guess what? They are seeing results already! Bangladesh was unknown in the tech world. But now, you can see a booming demand for them as a software development hub.

Younger Workforce:

A younger and more dedicated workforce is available in Bangladesh. LightCastle informs that over 40% of its population is under 25 years old.

LightCastle also says 16,000 students graduate from IT-related subjects annually among 543,000 tertiary graduates. On top of that, Bangladesh is a well-known country with a large community of freelancers.

Many of them are enriched in digital and technical skills, presenting a productive force. CNBC did research on the yearly revenue of worldwide freelancers. Their list of top 10 countries for freelancers contains Bangladesh in 8th position.

Young talents are best for creating an effective workforce. They are eager to learn, and adapt, and keen to bring fresh perspectives to the business.

Competitive Pricing:

In a recent survey of Accelerance, we found out about the approximate software development rates. Most popular hubs charge $19 to $75 per hour, depending on various factors.

On the flip side, Bangladesh can offer a highly abundant workforce with premium services at $15 to $50 per hour. You can build your team in Bangladesh at 30-40% less than other popular tech hubs like India, Philippines, Srilanka, Pakistan, China, etc.

Matured IT Industry:

According to a BASIS report, there are over 800 software companies that have established their business in Bangladesh. Tide has changed for this country since considerable tech giants established their businesses here.

Moreover, many companies all over the world outsource talents from this country. Acceleranex reported that over 80,000 IT professionals are working in this country. And there are many outsourcing partner companies available.

100+ vendor companies are supporting more than 30 countries to outsource employees. These numbers are increasing day by day. Even reputed companies such as Fujitsu, Sony, IBM, Broth have now acknowledged Bangladesh as their outsourcing hub.

Since there are emerging tech companies, high-quality tech-savvy work culture has been born in Bangladesh. Over the years, our sector has matured a lot with seasoned professionals. We also have a decent work environment and plenty of resources for outsourcing talents.

Recognized by AT Kearney:

An American management consultancy firm, AT Kearney released its survey of the best global outsourcing destination. Bangladesh finished in the twenty-first position.

What then? It made a big impact on the global market. This country has been in the shadows of big IT giants for years. But global businesses have started to notice its potential. Many companies have already started outsourcing their employees from Bangladesh.

Since Bangladesh has a tech-savvy young talent pool, more and more businesses are choosing this place for outsourcing software professionals.

Variations of Tech Stacks:

You want to create and run your application using various technology combinations. In short, tech stack. It may consist of a database, varieties of programming languages, APIs, and many more.

You also need a team of tech geeks who can perform back-end and front-end operations. Not to mention you’ll need front-end and back-end tools and software testing facilities.

Discover a multitude of tech stacks and software testing services in Bangladesh. Sounds good? Yes, it’s a hot spot to build your web and mobile applications.

Let’s see what kind of tech stacks are most available here-

Backend Tech/Framework:

  1. Java : Spring / SpringBoot / Play / Struts / Java EE
  2. DOT NET: C# .NET , ASP .NET
  3. Javascript: Express, Hapi, Koa, Sails, etc.
  4. Python: Django, Flask
  5. PHP: Laravel, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, etc.

Front End:

  1. CSS Frameworks: Bootstrap, Material, Foundation, Tailwind, Bulma, etc.
  2. Javascript Frameworks: React, Angular, Vue, Svelte, etc

Mobile Application Development:

  1. Native Android developers: Java or Kotlin with Android SDK
  2. Native iOS developers: Swift or Objective C with iOS SDK Cocoa Touch framework.

Hybrid Mobile App Developers:

  1. Flutter: Dart language with Flutter SDK
  2. React Native

Bangladesh is also working to create a corner of DevOps, Machine learning experts and Blockchain developers. Resources for such technologies are limited here. Yet, some Bangladeshi companies deliver this kind of talent and needed resources here. For now, their number is low.

Why Choose The Right Offshore Software Development Partner?

Set up your team offshore and relish countless benefits. To reduce your hassle, you need outsourcing partners like ‘Dhrubok Infotech Services Limited’.

Companies like this will verify professionals for you. It’s like they’ll filter out the fitting professionals from a vast sea of candidates.

And there’s more. They can ensure that you get the best outcome from your team. They’ll also prepare a set of the tech stack that meets your requirements.

Before picking your partner in your desired destination, ensure that your partner company can assemble your desired tech stacks. Also, pay attention to their recruitment process.

Dhrubok Infotech Services Limited can work as your outsourcing partner in Bangladesh if you want to build mobile and web applications. They have tech stack support like lutter, Java, Swift, Kotlin, Java/SpringBoot, React, Vue.js. They also provide CTO services for startups.

Final Thoughts

In Bangladesh, you can find a broad spectrum of front-end and back-end developers, software engineers, UI designers, and many more. As you know, Bangladesh is a fast-gaining young pool of talents. Especially for mobile and web development.

With a great offshore crew, save your expenses while developing your startup or enterprise software. Plus point, you don’t have to spend valuable time and priceless effort building your team. Or looking for the right ones. In a hub like Bangladesh, you’ll find what you need under one roof.

Obtain productive tech geeks plus all the resources they need. Is there anything better when you can get tech stack, testing, and workforce in one place?

I’ve shared a list of tech stacks outsourced by many businesses worldwide. If you think that matches your demands, consider this country your outsourcing hub. And with the right partner here, you can thrive even more.

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