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Atlas24 Services: UK's One-Stop Service Provider Platform for Household and Workplace

An iOS, Android and Web based Service Provider Solution

Atlas24 Services is a London-based service provider platform that ensures the quickest and easiest home and office solution, offering a wide range of services to the people of London, UK. Among the daily chaos, finding peace at home is really tough. Balancing work and personal life is also tricky. After all, all we have got is 24 hours in a day!

While day-to-day home and office maintenance can be way too exhausting, Atlas wants to offer people a life where there won’t be any such hassle. Now, for every task, customers can enjoy the best service from the expert within moments. 

Starting its journey in 2021, Atlas has already managed to explore multiple service fields and ensure easy solutions for many customers. Currently, Atlas is providing 200+ services, both for households and offices. The company has a pool of professionals who will help you to get through the day-to-day responsibilities. Atlas has a dedicated platform that will ensure that customers are hiring the better of the best.

Need a trustable and regular service to figure out your day-to-day home/ office works? Atlas is all ready here to offer you its amazing range of services!

Services that you can avail from Atlas24 Services

  • Cleaning
  • Plumbing
  • Boiler Engineering
  • Electrician
  • Pest Control
  • Laundry Service
  • Locksmith
  • Handyman
  • Landlord management
  • Nurses
  • Midwives
  • And many more

How Atlas24 Services operates?

1. Enter your postcode

After you have entered the postcode, enter all your preferences and find experts that can work on your chosen schedules.

2. Choose your preferences

After you have entered the postcode, enter all your preferences and find experts that can work on your chosen schedules.

3. Pick a nearby service expert

Choose among nearby experts and send your request

4. Place an order

When you are done choosing the expert, just place an order with just one tap and get going.

Product’s Special Features

  • Users can place orders both from the website and the cross-platform app.
  • All the service experts have to go through a strict screening process before starting their earning.
  • You will enjoy a discount voucher for first-time service use.
  • All the services are categorized and can be booked easily.
  • Both on-demand and scheduled services can be availed through the platform.
  • Payment can be done through all types of card and mobile wallet.

Let’s Take a Look at the Product

To enjoy all the services of Atlas24 Services platform, the interested person just has to download the app and follow some easy steps to sign up on the platform. The basic sign-up process is the same for both users. 

Once you are all set up and logged in to the platform, you’ll land on a very different page based on the type of your role.

Newly Onboarded Service Expert's Home
Service expert needs to get verified to start earning.
Active Service Expert's Home
Client's Home

If you book your service, whether it’s on-demand or scheduled, your chosen expert will reach your house within the specified time. The monetary issue isn’t a hassle with Atlas24 either. All a customer has to do is use the app and pay through the platform.

Services under a Specific Category
Nearby Experts in List View
Nearby Experts in Map View
Request for Service for a Chosen Expert
Pending Reqeust List on Expert's End

Once the expert accepts your service request, the next phase begins. 

Upon arrival at the location, the expert notifies the customer.
The expert requests to start the job.
Expert asks the customer for the OTP sent to his mobile number and enters it here.
The Expert can pause or end the job.
At the completion of the job, the customer can rate the expert based on the experience.
After ending job, the customer and the expert both can view and download the invoice anytime.

Some Web Screens

Nearby Experts Found
Customer's Orders List
Expert's Dashboard

Technology Used

Design Elements

Backend and Frontend

Atlas24 backend is developed using JAVA framework named Spring Boot and Hibernate. UI elements are developed with Next JS, Material UI and some custom CSS. PostgreSQL database is used to store data.

For extra security, no sensitive information, credentials or files are stored in the database in plain text. Instead, a custom web infrastructure (API) is designed and developed to store this information prioritizing security above all by encrypting them on the server-side. Also, all the REST communications are encrypted, authenticated with a secured JWT (JSON Web Token).

Mobile App

  • A cross-platform mobile app is written in Dart using the latest mobile development platform Flutter. Flutter helped to make the app faster and reduce code development time.
  • Firebase has been used to implement the push notification service.
  • Google map api has been to implement the service provider’s find and navigation process.
  • Many Flutter packages are used to implement different features like shared preference, splash screen, API calling etc.
  • JWT is used to hit all the private API to ensure user’s privacy and safety.



  • The system uses Google Analytics to track analytics. It is used to track the key metrics and events to improve the app through an informed iterative process.
  • Firebase Crashlytics is used to track key performance metrics, bugs and crashes.

Services Provided

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