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Android 9 Pie : What’s Exciting

android pie

Google had already launched its latest Android version better known as Android 9 Pie back in March this year. With the launch of Android 9 Pie, Google has exuberantly focused devotedly on improving the user experience by introducing several Android Pie Features and Android Pie Notifications.

When does Android 9 Pie come out?

Android 9 Pie (codenamed Android P during development) is the ninth major update and the 16th version of the Android operating system. It was first announced by Google on March 7, 2018, and the first developer preview was released on the same day. Many interesting Android Pie Features are included here.

what is Android 9 Pie?

Android 9 Pie is the official name of Google’s Android P operating system. Android 9 Pie is a new mobile operating system (OS) designed for smartphones and tablets recently. Google named its Android OSs after sweets and desserts, instead of alluding to every product form by number. Past names have included Jelly Bean, Honeycomb, and Marshmallow.

Pie will supplant Android Oreo, likewise referred to as form 8.0, which is presently utilized on leader cell phones including the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Google Pixel 2. The OS won’t be accessible on iPhones or iPads since Apple builds up its own particular programming, called iOS, which is elite to its own particular gadgets. The latest Android Pie Features includes AI here to give better Android Pie Features and Android Pie Notifications.

What’s new in Android 9 Pie?

Android 9 pie (API level 28) introduces new exciting Features and APIs that you can take advantage of in your apps, as well as new behavior changes. The new features are really eye-catching for android users. The android developers newly introduced some exciting AI assistant Features in Android 9 Pie. Here the list is given below:

Indoor navigation with Wi-Fi RTT

Android 9 Pie now supports IEEE 802.11mc Wi-Fi protocol which is also known as Wi-Fi Round-Trip-Time (RTT). It’s one of the best Android Pie Features that all Android fans are waiting for. This new Android Pie Feature occupies indoor GPS style tracking by finding your location within a building and facilitating turn-by-turn directions to assist you to navigate indoors. That means the user can now find their way through short distances within shopping malls and large buildings. It’s working mechanism is kind of Android assistant or Ai assistant apps based. Android assistant apps are basically known as personal assistant apps that guide us to do something more accurately. The Latest Android Version is now on the top of hype for its better Android pie Features and Android Pie notifications.

Gesture Navigation

Google has redesigned the way one navigates the Operating System (OS) by introducing Gesture Navigation in Android 9 Pie close to iPhone X. Instead of three buttons set on the home screen, there is an option to use a new single home button that allows you to swipe up to view recent apps along with a UI that suggests apps you might use. Sliding too far left and right across the device would showcase recent apps and let you quickly switch between them.


It’s easy to lose track of time while one is glue down to others phone watching YouTube videos, playing games, or checking out social media. That is a way Google has presented a cluster of highlights that let you control how you utilize your telephone. One of them is ‘Dashboard’ which breaks downs telephone use information to indicate how you invest energy in your gadget. It shows: a pie outline demonstrating the time spent in each application every day and furthermore in step by step premise, add up to the number of hours spent on the telephone every day, number of times you opened your telephone, add up to the number of warnings you have gotten. Here Android Pie notifications will help you to do not cross the limit you have fixed. Thus following with the latest Android Version and it’s Android Pie Notifications we can easily tackle the hassle of unwanted time wasting.

App Timer

Another progression Android pie Features towards Digital Wellbeing is the App Timer highlight which gives you a chance to set time restraints on applications you use for a more broadened period. On moving toward as far as possible, a notice flies out notice you have achieved your chance farthest point and the application ‘delays.’ So with Android 9 Pie, one can deal with their opportunity better and enhance your profitability.

Do Not Disturb

Meetings and family gathering often demand our full presence, and Android 9 Pie is going to help us with the Android Pie Features named “Do Not Disturb” mode. It quiets the telephone calls and warning Android Pie Notifications as well as all the visual interferences like notices that much of the time fly up on our screen. Another signal based Android 9 Pie include called ‘Shush’ makes it simpler to remove yourself far from calls and warnings by empowering Do Not Disturb mode. To actuate Shush mode, simply put your telephone confront down on the table, and it consequently enters the DND mode.

Wind Down

A large number of us invest hours on our telephones during the evening before we really nod off. Slow Down will enable you to control this propensity by exchanging on Night Light and turning on the Do Not Disturb Android Pie feature mode at your picked sleep time. Simply select the time at which you might want to go to bed, and this  Android Pie Features will blur the screen to grayscale to enable you to make sure to rest at the chosen time. Blurring the color is sending a kind of Android Pie Notifications.

Notch support

Regardless, every cell phone maker is following the pattern of indent shows. Also, Google appeared somewhat ill-equipped since Android 8.0 had no help for a show cut-out. Hereafter, Android 9 Pie includes an edge-to-edge screen bolster with a choice to “Animate a show with a cut-out.” The new component will incorporate distinctive sorts of cut out modes like restricted, tall, and wide to do the trick diverse indent measurements. This alternative can be found in the wake of empowering the engineer choices. In the wake of doing as such, take after Developer alternatives > Drawing > Simulate a show with a pattern. At last, pick the pattern measure.

App Actions

Application Actions is another awesome element in Android 9 Pie that encourages you to better explore during that time by giving brilliant recommendations in view of your propensities. It can consequently envision your next activity in view of the present activity. For example, on the off chance that you associate your earphones to your cell phone, App Actions will inquire as to whether you’d jump at the chance to keep tuning in to your most loved playlist on Spotify, in this way enabling you to avoid a few stages all the while. Such activities appear all through the OS, for example, Smart Text Selection, the Play Store, Launcher, the Google Search application and the Assistant.


“slices” is a standout amongst other Android 9 Pie highlights which proves to be useful at a few spots. It gives you a chance to perform essential application exercises outside the application. Suppose you scan for ‘Lyft’ in Google Search. An intuitive Slice shows up on the screen as an Android Pie Notifications that presents cost and time for an excursion to work with the goal that you can rapidly book a ride. To put it plainly, Slices are completely practical UIs that can be installed remotely in different applications to give an assortment of alternatives to the client. This element, much the same as huge amounts of different portions in Android, plays out a profound investigation of your sources of info and settings to demonstrate to you the best parts of the applications you utilize more often than not. It can without a doubt send a chill down your spine. Hence it is a great Android Pie Feature.

Lockdown mode

In Latest Android Version one of the exciting Android Pie Feature is an expansion to the power menu is the “Enter Lockdown” catch. It’s one of the best highlights of Android 9 Pie that further lifts the security of your telephone. Once empowered, it debilitates unique mark opening alternative which can be very valuable on the off chance that any aggressor compels you or deceive you into opening your telephone. Subsequent to propelling the mode, you will be required to embed your PIN, watchword or example for some other open techniques to work once more.

Zoom in text

We can at last dispose of the irritating mix-ups of choosing off base content. Android 9 Pie will now bolster Zoom focal point highlight. Fundamentally, when you long press an expression, it will consequently amplify at the pointer. Also, this will enable you to peruse little content and choosing words accurately. Undoubtedly this Android Pie Feature has added some more values for Android users.

Smarter Notification Channels

The  Android Pie Notification channels have been patched up and it enables you to interrupt the specific sort of notices from showing up on your telephone. The sort of notices you more often than not reject will now show a red short sign. Tapping on it will show a message inquiring as to whether you might want to “Stop warnings” or “Continue appearing” them.

Improvement in messaging apps

Messaging apps have received several improvements to increase the overall experience. A notable Android Pie Feature is a provision for developers to make images watchable in the Android Pie Notifications shade for all incoming texts. It also has a smart reply which permits you to reply quickly to messages through the notification shade and use suggested responses that are created by analysis of the incoming messages.

An easier way to take screenshots and edit them

We have just examined the how to utilize Android 9 Pie’s new screen capture editorial manager where you can alter and share your screen captures promptly subsequent to taking them. Another helpful Android 9.0 component is the expansion of the screen capture catch to the power menu. On account of this element, you never again need to battle with the power + volume down catches. This Latest Android Version is really helpful to take and edit the screenshots very easily.

Auto-Rotate Button

The expansion of new relevantly mindful catch makes auto-turn a ton less demanding and is one of the fantastically helpful Android highlights so far. An auto-pivot catch shows up in the route bar when your telephone is turned to an introduction. Assume your gadget is bolted to representation mode and you endeavor to turn it to the scene, a catch shows up. Tapping this catch will bolt your phone to scene until the point that you are utilizing that application or you turn the telephone back to picture mode and contact the catch once more.

Dark Theme

Previously, Google consequently connected a dull or light topic in view of the backdrop’s shading tone. In any case, Android P includes a remarkable choice to physically change from various topics. Under the show propelled settings, you can choose whichever topic you favor. Once more, the topic settings will just apply to the application cabinet and the notice shade.

Default HTTPS for apps

Web perusing chips away at two conventions: HTTP and HTTPS, with a noteworthy distinction being the encryption highlight of the last mentioned. In any case, all applications don’t utilize the protected convention for correspondence which can open you to potential risks. Presently all applications worked for Android 9 Pie will impart information by means of HTTPS as a matter of course. This will guarantee the security of your information while sending or accepting information from the application’s servers.

Alert tone to notify call recordings

Call recording highlight is very old, yet what’s new is its capability to detect whenever a discussion is being recorded. Once the call recording begins, the framework will play a tone at an interim of 15 seconds to alarm the other party.

Media Panel

Google Media notice board has dependably been disorderly. A ton of us had experienced that humiliating circumstance when a video plays on full volume notwithstanding when we had turned it down. In different occurrences, we coincidentally diminished the call volume while on a critical call. Google has at long last tuned in to our voice and patched up the whole media board. Most importantly, the volume slider is presently vertical and moved to one side of the screen.

Autofill in browsers

Android Oreo’s execution of Autofill has one restriction, and that is its failure to work with programs. However, the most recent variant manages this impediment by enabling secret word supervisors to populate the login accreditations into programs.

157 new emojis

The Android Pie Features where Google has brought the Latest 157 new emoticons including sexual orientation comprehensive emoticon and a couple of minor changes in emoticon plans. This emoticon as of now existed in the Unicode Standard, however, Google is currently following its rules all the more intently. This additionally denotes the evacuation of sexually unbiased blobs. The new pack of energizing emoticons incorporates a chilly face, hot face, mango, and llama.

Adaptive Brightness

Google is aiming at making smartphones smarter by making it learn from your habits and adapt according to your preferences commonly known as Android assistant system. Android pie now sports a new mechanism called ‘Adaptive Brightness’ that learns your preferred levels of brightness in different surroundings. By tracking user adjusted brightness, it will automatically set the screen brightness levels for you. Lots of eye-catching Android Pie Features are available which is the Android assistant. These Android Pie Features are Latest Android Version. Other Android Pie Notifications also help to make it more Android Assitant with some marvelous tasks.

Will Android 9 Pie boost battery life?

Another prominent Android Pie Feature that Google has created an artificial intelligence artificial intelligence (AI) system that has been designed to eke out as much battery life as possible. Google is relying more and more on AI to enrich user experience and its Latest Android Version example is ‘Adaptive Battery.’ As per the company, it has partnered with DeepMind to get inputs on how to use machine learning for the best battery performance. It learns to prioritize battery power by observing the apps and services you use the most, thereby helping you get the most out of your battery, and make it last for a longer time.

The first area focuses on how processors manage tasks. Android 9 Pie has been designed to force processing chips to use their smaller cores more often to stretch battery life without compromising on performance, the BBC says. This is because some chip makers focus on speed over efficiency, which can lead to phones using more power than needed.

Second, the new system analyses a user’s smartphone activity over the course of a day and adjusts the power output to meet the demands of battery-intensive apps, the broadcaster says. For instance, if a user plays a video game on their phone at 6 pm every evening, the new Android Pie Feature will anticipate the app opening in advance and unlock more of the mobile’s processing speed. Similarly, if a user surfs the internet between 8 am and 11 am, the software delivers only enough power to run the app and the phone’s core systems.

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