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Aladin's Chirag

A multiplatform Based Online Grocery Shopping Solution

Why not? With the best-diversified combination of food, grocery and freshly grown backyard product shops, Aladin’s Chirag is the ultimate online grocery shopping hub.

Now, even being in Sydney, feel the essence of your home at the doorstep. Aladin’s Chirag provides all the shopping necessities right at your hand. Where money exchange is a lucrative addition. That too is from only one perspective. As a common ground of the Sydney based Bangladeshi, Indian or Sub-continent based grocery chains and customers from the same community, you can consider this the ultimate heaven.

Picks of Aladin’s Chirag: Online Grocery Shopping in Sydney

You can easily find a store to buy goodies and selling on your works perfectly well, right? You are correct! Yet, enhancing the ability, making your customer’s number thousands from the hundred and experiencing all the store options reliably based on pushing a simple button seems much more point of ease, doesn’t it?

Aladin’s Chirag App makes it possible effortlessly. It creates a virtual market for both users and owners. While jumping from the offline to the online arena, many more such types of App will knock you. Aladin’s Chirag, as a multi-vendor Grocery delivery platform, offers something different. 

Creating your own identity, customizing your presence and the consequence, experiencing the chosen best along with the other vendors, enjoying the ‘backyard produce’ and ‘money exchange’ has the added benefit, getting the exclusive deals and promotions- with Aladin’s Chirag, this list will go long! 

Unique Profile

Through providing information, Alaldin’s Chirag offers its users to open their news identity in the app through Email ID or Facebook.


Numerous fashion, grocery, food, backyard produce and money changing shops includes in the list with the option to search your most favorite brand.

Payment Methods

Besides the Cash/Card payment options through verification code confirmation, Aladin’s Chirag offers ‘My Points’ reward option too.

Order status

The app provides order status tracking and contacting the delivery person option too.

More to enjoy

Unlike the other apps, Alaldin’s Chirag offers newspapers, FAQ and event creating options for any upcoming offer and user’s comfort.

Follow your order through App profile

Aladin’s Chirag offers its users to create their profile and manage it. Once the customer is done with the login process, keeping track of the orders, the favorite shop lists, vouchers, and payment details- all can be reached easily. 

As individual order includes unique code, from the order giving to the order completing the process, the user can track throughout the process. Aladin’s Chirag has included the option to see and contact to the delivery person. It adds extra security and reliability to the shopping experience.


Besides, the user can save their payment details for further shopping. Once the order is completed, the customer will enjoy the option of giving the star to the store based on user experiences.

Create your event

To enjoy something more, the app includes ‘more’ options, that includes different types of newspaper and points winning opportunity. But the lucrative most option here is the event creating part.

For the owner, they can spread their event promotion through this place. And the user can enjoy and take part in the event easily right from their home.

Spontaneous combination of UI and UX

Aladin’s Chirag purposefully tried to build an easygoing UI, which ensures the utmost effectiveness simultaneously. The app combines separate options for the user and the customer. While it becomes easier for the owner to make more money, more flexibility in their business through assuring the best customer experience, users can customize, easy shop and follow their orders prudentially.

Shop owners enjoy the benefit to identify their lacking and users make the best benefit out of it through add-ons, proper receipt, necessary contact information, and ratings.

Technology Used

Services Provided

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