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5 Best OCR Technology Tools & Android Apps to Extract Text from Images

5 best OCR technology tools & android apps to extract text from images

Back in old times, people tend to do their work manually be it making the document or extracting text from an image.

Performing tasks with hands were not only time-consuming but also required mental and physical effort.

With changing time people are adapting to new things that save their time and energy, such as technical online tools.

Over time, technology has evolved significantly, and software and gadgets have become more efficient in providing good results to users.

There are numerous other tools available online to assist you in completing your work in a matter of seconds with accuracy.

This straightforward method will not work with images; you cannot simply highlight text and copy it from an image. When you have a snapshot of some text, you may need to extract the text from the photograph. Text can be extracted from photos using optical character recognition (OCR) software.


What Does Image to Text Mean?

It is a method for converting the text on any of your images into a text file. This is accomplished using image to text converters that employ Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology.
OCR scans and converts an image’s transcript into a text file or document. The text of an image goes through many stages. Identification, digital scanning, and character coding are the steps involved. The data entry method has been greatly improved by the use of OCR.


What is the Process of OCR?


• Recognize pattern:

Using this method, the computer attempts to recognize the entire character and contrasts it to the program’s character matrix. This method is also known as pattern matching and matrix matching.

• Extraction of characteristics:

This is a much more precise method of detecting characters. Lines, line directions, closed loops, and junctions are features that are made by breaking down the characters.

• Text recognition improved using pre-processing:

To successfully recognize text, the program must first pre-process the image using techniques including:

• De-skew:

Tilting the image at an angle so that the text lines are either horizontal or vertical.

• De-speckle:

This is the procedure for removing blemishes and softening out the characters’ edges.

• Character segregation:

Characters who may have merged into one another are separated.

• Layout analysis:

All text positions, columns, and paragraphs are labeled.

• Line deletion:

Erasing overlapping lines or boxes with line deletion.


The Importance of OCR:

OCR technology helps you achieve increased output and productivity by saving time and energy that otherwise would have been spent on keeping records and data acquisition. Employees can quickly save data to their computer from any text document or an image, it saves their time and energy. You don’t have to spend money on data retrieval personnel because you have this awesome technology.

Let’s discuss 5 best apps we have to convert image to text:-

1. Prepostseo

This picture to text app is providing extra ordinary result for converting images to text.


It has some amazing features to list:-


  • You have the option to upload an image from the gallery.
  • You get a text-to-speech feature in this app.
  • You get 99% accurate results.
  • You can also convert images taken from the phone’s camera.
  • You have the option of copying the output text to your clipboard.
  • You can send the text directly from your app to another app.
  • It is a completely free app.



2. Ocr.best

This is another amazing app you can use to convert images to text.


  • Translate text into more than a hundred different languages.
  • Keeps the history of scanned images for later use.
  • This app before performing OCR, crops and enhances the image for better results.
  • The OCR result is edited and shared.
  • It supports many languages that it can convert from image to text.
  • Scan text on images in bulk.


3. Imagetotext.io

This app has wonderful features to serve you.


  • Take the text from an image.
  • After recognizing it, edit the text.
  • Text that has been recognized can be copied to the clipboard for further processing.
  • Image formats supported include PNG, JPG/JPEG, GIF, TIF/TIFF, and BMP.
  • From your image gallery select the image you want to convert to text.
  • Using the camera, take new pictures.
  • Choose the zone containing the text you want to extract from the image.



4. Text Scanner-extract text from the image


  • Using the phone’s camera, scan/extract text from images/photos/pictures.
  • Equipped with cutting-edge OCR technology.
  • Language auto-detection.
  • Support over 100 languages.
  • Share scanned text with other apps with ease.


5. Image to text converter-Image Scan- Text Scan


  • World’s fastest reading speed.
  • The most accurate reading in the world.
  • Image formats supported include PNG, JPG/JPEG, GIF, TIF/TIFF, and BMP.
  • Back up your album’s photos.
  • Choose the zone containing the text you want to extract from the image.
  • There is no need for an Internet connection.
  • After recognizing the text, edit it.

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