Online presence redefined

More than 80% of the web is powered by PHP-based technologies, and enterprise web relies on them just as much as on .NET and Java. DISL's clients can count on our high-caliber PHP team in building future-proof web solutions that guarantee interoperability, high availability and security of your online service in the long run.

DISL's PHP professionals are driven by the flexibility and opportunities provided by the PHP programming domain and apply their tech flair to create top-of-the-line applications that both underlie corporate data exchange and collaboration, and offer rich functionality and tantalizing dynamic content to the users of our clients' online solutions.

At DISL we hone thorough understanding of enterprise development paradigm and information security best practices, and woo the best industry talent. Relying on senior-level competence, our PHP experts hold to mature enterprise-grade frameworks such as Zend Framework, Symfony, CakePHP, Phalcon, Laravel and others, and transfer this maturity level to end solutions. We shore up the security of applications and exclude any possible loopholes that may result in sensitive data exploits all this without waiving the performance rates and complexity of business logic.

Building on years of experience in corporate domain and online consumer business, DISL is equally capable of implementing both SOA-based solutions to bridge enterprise software services and developing JSON APIs to provide integrated UX for nimble and lightweight web applications. By creating simple RESTful Web APIs and tightly interfacing Web services, DISL's PHP team ensures seamless data integration, smooth information flow and high level of interactivity of our clients' solutions.