The perfect blend of Experience, Rigour and Excellence

Dhrubok Infotech Services Ltd. exists to help startups and enterprises of all sizes to build better products, reach more people and have a prominent online presence.

If you are a startup and in need of building apps/websites or a infrastructural software system, we help you by developing that; so that you can market your product as soon as possible and focus entirely on the business growth while we take care of the development.

For enterprises, we help you by building data centric systems that are intelligent, effective and optimized to operate at any scale.

Our vision is to build a better world with mobile first software solutions and serve humanity through positive innovation and continuous improvement. In the coming years we envision to help build systems that are intelligent, adaptive and more connected to human lives using data science, machine learning, computer vision and artificial intelligence.

We want to solve and help others to solve local and global problems through mobile first systems. Our goal is to develop softwares that can enlighten and empower people and enable them to reap a better and greater value out of the digital ecosystem.






What makes us stand out

  • Our love for agile development and fast speed to market
  • Best quality for the price
  • Ever-improving team with extraordinary skillset
  • Knack for perfection
  • Future proof planning


Experience, Rigour & Excellence