A solid foundation for a robust system

DISL provides comprehensive back-end/REST service development expertise to lay a rock solid foundation for your online business. We'll create a powerful brain to serve the needs of web, mobile, desktop and connected endpoints on the frontline of your system.

DISL has in-depth understanding of how a web back-end solution should be designed to ensure the supported mobile app provides great user experience and rich functionality. Through an API-driven back-end application design relying on REST interfaces exchanging JSON data, when reasonable through application of API-first architectures and API gateways creation, we ensure not only presentation usability, but also "performance usability". We enable a healthy data stream flow, taking the heavy lifting of application computing to the back end and leaving end-users with a graceful and lightweight mobile client.

To ensure that the process of querying multiple data sources doesn't slow down mobile app operation, and allow for smooth and quick expansion of front-end options for enterprise mobility, DISL develops reusable RESTful API layers. They will serve as a single entry point and a proxy for communication of all clients with back-end services, fanning out requests for both HTML5/JS and native APIs.

The DISL team will help you hammer out the right infrastructure option to house your back-end solution (from cloud IaaS providers and pricing models vetting to the use of load balancers, CDNs for optimal app performance, and more). Our DevOps engineers will set up an environment for smooth software delivery and further infrastructure changes. We'll thrash out a solution that will make for reduced maintenance costs and successful operation of your system in the future.

Software architects on our back-end team will carefully think out what architecture will work best for your solution, factoring in a growth momentum into right-now business efficiency. DISL will design robust architectures for modern web, mobile and complex connected systems, allowing for their smooth horizontal scaling and integration with other services.