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Book On Him

Developed for:

Bradley Rhodes



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Project Description

Show him how much you love him! This android app enables you to uniquely know and effectively love him. You simply record information as it comes to mind and as he shares things with you. Then, you don’t forget gift and date ideas, sizes, important dates, favorite things or tasks to do. The app organizes all the information so it is easy to find and implement.


  • A screen to call, text or e-mail him directly from the app.
  • A place to record all his sizes and have them at your fingertips.
  • A screen to record important dates (anniversary, birthday, etc.) and set recurring reminders.
  • A place to record dating and gift ideas and set reminders.
  • A place to record ToDo items with reminders so you don’t forget important tasks.
  • A place to record his favorites (restaurants, songs, etc.) with 20 categories and an “other” section.
  • Link directly to information and maps to easily find information and places.



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