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Top App Development Software Companies in Bangladesh

GoodFirms Has Enlisted DISL as One of the Top App Development Software Companies in Bangladesh

Since 2013, Dhrubok Infortech Services Limited has outgrown its familiarity as a client-friendly and efficient App Development Software Company in both Bangladesh and abroad. Currently, the company has been recognized for its effort and has been awarded as one of the Top App Development Software Companies in Bangladesh by GoodFirms.

Online research and review platform GoodFirms is famously known as one of the biggest monitors of IT service providers. By considering a firm’s quality, performance, portfolio, reliability, expertise, and ability it comes with the top software company list every year. While finding the fittest company can be tough for customized app development, GoodFirms ensures the most trustable company names in its list.

Keeping the aim to provide the best service to the clients and ensure the most effective app development just like they want, Dhrubok started its journey in 2013. Since then it has worked with multiple clients from 20 countries under 178+ projects. Whether working for homegrown companies or any company from abroad, DISL has never compromised with the best interest of the client.

Regarding this achievement, Dhrubok Infotech Services Limited’s Managing Director Ashiq Uz Zoha said, “Dhrubok always believed in putting extra effort to meet client’s satisfaction and recognition from GoodFirms will be another inspiration for us to do that.”

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