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How to Hire the Best Offshore Development Team for Your Company?

Hiring an offshore development team is trending now and is being widely practiced among big companies. Outsourcing developers across the border is undoubtedly convenient too. But how to find the most effective and convenient development team from offshore?

Of course, the technology is advanced now, there are internet platforms, B2B portals, and many more tools to find remote software developers. The opportunity of picking real talents around the globe is and can be beneficial for the companies too.
Now, the real question is, what is the actual process? How can a company find its desired app development team from offshore/ remote? And most importantly, why should a company look for a remote app development team?

Here’s the answer to all the above questions!

Why should a company look for a remote software development team?

Less Costly

Cost can create a heavy loss for companies. With physical employment, issues like rest, payroll, bonus and incentives, insurance and many more costs emerge. If you go for an offshore development team, you will be able to enjoy all these outcomes without spending any administrative cost.


While a new employee enters an office, he/she requires training, attention, time, and many more things to develop the necessary skill for the job. HR activity with employee management also seeks extra time and effort. On the other hand, hiring a dedicated offshore development team will decrease all these burdens at a time.

Wide Pool of Talents

The larger the area is, the larger the opportunity. It goes in the same way for company recruitment too. With the outsourcing opportunity, a company can reach and pick the best talents among the large talent pool around the world. This process will provide flexibility to choose the right person for the company too.


Where to find an offshore/ remote software development team?

There are several places from where you can pick those people who are right for your business and can ensure the best software development output for you.


If you know what you are looking for, then Google can be one of the best options for you. While searching on Google, you can be precise about location and other requirements if you have any. It will lead you to multiple places that ensure a better search for software development services.

Remote Freelance Workplaces

If you want a cost-efficient and easier solution to find an app development offshore team, freelance workplaces can be of great use for you. To hire your desired team, you can look into remote workplace platforms like-


It’s a talent pool where you will find all your desired talents. Though hiring an individual is mostly used practice from this platform rather than team, it can be a better use


To develop better app developers YouTeam is a perfect tool. It has amazing terms to hire and quality control. For a long-term relation workwise it’s much more reliable than the other platforms too. This place is especially known as the best for looking at offshore teams. So, you can undoubtedly go for it.


Through Toptal you not only will be able to find the best team but also operate your project properly. If you want a team for project-based work, this one is perfect for you. Toptal charges some additional fees. But the work bond and commitment are stronger if you go through this platform.

B2B Platforms

Many B2B platforms are working to help talent and companies to find one another. These platforms gather all types of data about the employee and employers while providing the best support to them. Some of the well-known B2B platforms like this are Clutch, Goodfirms, etc. They are both effective and reliable.


You can find your app development team from LinkedIn for sure. There are companies, groups, and individuals who are looking forward to opportunities with proven qualities there. All you have to do is pick and choose for your company.

And that is not all! You can always take a look at the companies individually, ask in Quora, participate in the tech events and go for reference. After trying through all these scopes you will find your perfect app development team!


How to hire an offshore development team?

This is the phase where you have information about things that you want from your offshore software development team and multiple options. Now, you have to go through the hiring process. How are you going to do that? Follow the process below!

Take Interview

A remote or office-based job, everywhere you will need to perform an interview to find the best candidate for your position. To start the hiring process, take an interview with the most preferable app development team.

Know What You Need

Examine our needs at first. What do you require? Once you will know what you want from the offshore development team, you will know which one of them to choose too. So, set your objective and expectations right and find the right team.

Overview the Teams

Every team will provide you with different options of soft skill, experience, expertise, proficiency, etc. Now, once you know about them all and know what you require, pick the best that serves you the most.

Examine Practical Skill

Now, you know that all of the team applied to work as an offshore app development team for your company are good. But which one of them is great? Give them a practical thing to do and figure out how compatible they are for your company.

Ensure Your Security and Their Comfort

Even after choosing the app development team, you have to focus on the issue that you are sharing all the information about your company with the offshore team. So, are they reliable enough?
Try to ensure your safety to the fullest while performing a final interview to know if there is any discomfort among the app development team while working for an offshore development company.

How long does it take to hire an offshore development team?

Hiring an offshore development team requires generally-

  • 1 business day to post the job
  • 10-12 days to search for the right candidate and interview them
  • 3-5 business days to offer and negotiate
  • 15-25 days to onboard the offshore team

It depends mostly on you whether the above-mentioned process will take more or less time. If you want, you can speed up the process for sure.

How to manage an offshore development team effectively?

Hiring the offshore app development team is just the beginning. Managing them and getting the best output from them is all that matters once you hire them.

Treat the Offshore Development Team Equal

Whether it’s a team meeting or work, you have to make the offshore development team understand that they are not any less or more than the in-house team. So, from the perspective of productivity or quality, performance or incentive- ensure them the same attention.

Communicate Effectively

Marriage or deal- if it’s being operated remotely, the communication point should be loud and clear. It can be the language, it can be the medium or tone- whatever the point is, make your communication with the remote team effective and swift.

Above all, while maintaining the deadlines, don’t forget to build trust too. Keep in mind that following the offshore app development team blindly isn’t a good choice. But you have to make them feel that they are also a part of the company too and here, of course, you need to trust them!

So, are you all ready to hire your offshore app development team? Start your journey then!

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